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If you are interested in learning more about how Pathways can help your practice in the new healthcare economy, schedule a call with us and we will provide you a free customized opportunity analysis to help you understand the benefits of joining Pathways Health Partners.

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The Latest Healthcare Technology

Connecting patients with providers across their spectrum of care, seamless integration with the latest healthcare data delivery methods.

Partners on your
Path to Wellness

Helping doctors and patients get the services they
need for a better health outcome.

Patient Care

Pro-active insight into patient care opportunities
Close the gap

Participate in
Traditional Medicare?

Pathways Health Partners can assist in finding the perfect
Primary Care Physician.

Workflow Optimization

Personalized continuous workflow optimization and support from Pathways program specialists

Network Governance

Actively participate in driving high-quality and high-performance in the Pathways provider network


Access Pathways cutting-edge data analytics and integrated population-health platforms. Know where your patients are

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What We Offer for You

You want to deliver the best possible care and experience for your patients. Our goal is to help make that sustainable. Pathways Health Partners offer primary & specialty care providers access to cutting-edge data analytics, proven workflows, unparalleled industry expertise, strong payer relationships, and local, hands-on support from dedicated experts. Our goal is to make it simple for your primary care practice or health center to succeed in the value-based healthcare ecosystem while driving improved outcomes for patients and supporting a high-performance, high-value healthcare system for your community.


As ACO Participants, providers are positioned to be at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery reform. Pathways ACO Participants are provided with the resources and administrative experience needed to successfully transition from volume to value-based healthcare delivery.


As members of the Pathways Provider network, ACO Participants benefit from our experience with value-based healthcare delivery including clinical care management, managed care services, contract negotiations, and advanced IT infrastructure. Participants are encouraged to cooperate with the ACO’s patient outreach campaigns, meetings, webinars, and office visits.


As our practices mature in value and adopt more risk-based payment options, Pathways will continue to support its providers and staff. Pathways will continue to engage with CMS, CMMI, Commercial, and Medicare Advantage payors in pursuit of Advanced Alternative Payment Models and more aggressive Outcomes-based payment arrangements.

Why Pathways

Providers won’t be able to rely on traditional Fee-For-Service revenue forever.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and many commercial payers are using numerous financial levers to put pressure on providers to improve quality and reduce costs.

Pathways Health Partners help turn those pressures into clear and attainable opportunities to deliver better care, strengthen relationships with your patients, and secure long-term success for your practice.

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  • Automated Data Systems

  • Multi-Payor Administration

  • #1 NGACO Performance Year

  • TOP 5% MSSP

  • $30M Earned Shared Saving

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Industry-leading insight and experience…

We are experiencing a profound shift in how healthcare is delivered and paid for in the United States. Healthcare payment reform has recently accelerated its evolution from volume-based reimbursement to value-based payment models with variation in risk arrangement and quality metrics. Pathways Health Partners leadership has been at the forefront of the advancement in value-based-care model development and implementation for decades.

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