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Pathway's 2022 Performance Results



Scott Backer

Pathways Health Partners, CEO

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Pathways Health Partners ACO REACH Contributed to $870 Million in Gross Savings 1 and Achieved an Average Total Quality Score of 99.4% 7

Pathways Health Partners 2022 ACO REACH model reports a gross savings of over $1600 per beneficiary while improving patient engagement 2

[Leesburg, FL] — Pathways Health Partners, headquartered in Leesburg, FL, a leader in value-based healthcare delivery, is pleased to announce its significant contributions to the financial and quality performance results for the 99 ACOs that participated in the 2022 ACO REACH Medicare shared savings program. 3

National Performance Highlights

      • 2022 ACO REACH program generated approximately $870 million in gross savings 4, representing close to 3.7% gross savings rate. 1

      • Net savings generated for Medicare totaled an estimated $371.5 million. 5

      • Net payments to the ACOs for Shared Savings/Losses totaled approximately $484.1 million. 6

      • The average Total Quality Score (TQS) was 99.4% across the reporting group. 7

Executive Statements

Scott Backer, CEO expressed his gratitude, saying, “We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and the positive impact we have made on patient care. These performance results are a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional care while controlling costs. Our ultimate goal is to secure Medicare’s future for generations. We proudly maintain a top 10% position among ACOs nationwide and rank in the top 4% for cost savings per beneficiary in 2022’s ACO programs, including ACO Reach and MSSP ACO programs.”

ACO REACH Delivers Exceptional Performance Results: 2022 Report Highlights Success in Healthcare Transformation

Pathways Health Partners is pleased to announce the release of our 2022 performance results for the ACO REACH program. These results reflect our unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.

Key Highlights of our 2022 ACO REACH Performance:

In 2022, our ACO demonstrated exceptional performance across multiple areas. We exceeded national averages in quality measures and achieved significant cost savings, securing our position in the top 10% of ACOs nationwide and notably in the top 4% for cost savings per beneficiary. Our beneficiaries consistently express high satisfaction with our patient-centered approach. Additionally, we’ve excelled in managing chronic diseases and have made strong strides in preventive care, including increased health screenings and vaccinations.

About Pathways Health Partners

Pathways Health Partners offers primary and specialty care providers access to cutting-edge data analytics, proven workflows, unparalleled industry expertise, and strong payer relationships. The organization aims to make it simple for healthcare practices to succeed in the value-based healthcare ecosystem, driving improved outcomes for beneficiaries and supporting a high-performance, high-value healthcare system for the community.

Future Plans

Pathways Health Partners will continue to engage in value-based models like the newly announced ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health model, or ACO REACH, which began on January 1, 2023. The organization is committed to achieving equitable outcomes through high-quality, affordable, person-centered care.

As we look toward the future, Pathways Accountable Care remains committed to further improving healthcare outcomes and expanding our services to reach more individuals and families in our community. We are excited to continue working with our partners, providers, and beneficiaries in our journey to enhance healthcare quality and access.

Contact Information

For more information on our 2022 ACO REACH performance results and our ongoing initiatives, please visit our website at, or call: (800) 632-6228.

For more information about Medicare call I-800-MEDICARE

The statements contained in this document are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of CMS. The authors assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this document.

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